Claudia Zuiderwijk new director of GVB


Claudia Zuiderwijk has been appointed as the new general manager of the GVB. She succeeds Alexandra van Huffelen, who took office as state secretary earlier this year.

Zuiderwijk has, among other things, gained administrative experience at the Chamber of Commerce and Tergooiziekenhuizen. She also held an interim management position at ProRail, where she gained experience in the public transport sector.

“We are convinced that it will bring the challenges that GVB faces in the coming years to a good result, while keeping an eye on the diversity and pride of this beautiful organization,” said Elfrieke van Galen, chairman of the Supervisory Board of GVB.

The GVB is facing a major challenge in the coming years: a fast-growing city that is slowly becoming less car-free. ‘To make this transition possible, the public transport system must be organized differently, whereby travelers can count on reliable, safe and comfortable public transport,’ says the GVB.

Zuiderwijk starts on October 1, 2020 at the GVB.

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