Clashes in the United States have erupted with renewed vigor


At least 36 people have been arrested in the American city of Atlanta during racial clashes over another police murder of a black man. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Police were called on Friday night because of a sleeping man in a car near a fast food restaurant. Police arrived on the scene and found that the man was intoxicated. Attempting to detain him, the African-American resisted, managed to take an electric baton from the police and fled. One of the officers shot Reishard Brooks several times, who was taken to hospital, where he later died. One of the officers was removed. Atlanta Police Chief Erica Shields has announced her resignation. Dozens of people took part in the protests, demanding that the authorities stop the excessive use of force and ensure that the rights of African Americans are respected.

Minneapolis City Council, meanwhile, voted unanimously to disband the city’s police force and replace it with a “municipal” security department. This is in response to the demands of the protesters against racism after the murder of George Floyd by the police on May 25. The American city council unanimously approved a decision instructing the start of a one-year process to study and undertake structural change to create a new model of city safety. However, the plan will be put to a vote in Minneapolis in the November 3rd presidential election.

The occupation of areas in the city of Seattle, including the mayor’s office, continues. The territory was declared a “autonomous zone” and a people’s republic a few days ago. The police are not present. Demonstrators are demanding the mayor’s resignation and that police funding be stopped. Earlier, Seattle authorities imposed a 30-day ban on the use of tear gas in dispersal demonstrations.

Counter-protesters also came out in London over the weekend to protest racism over the weekend, demanding the protection of monuments related to Britain’s colonial history. Statues of historical figures, including Winston Churchill – Britain’s prime minister during World War II, whom protesters call a xenophobe – were surrounded by a living chain. Police intervened in Trafalgar Square to separate two groups of about 100 people each. There were physical clashes, shooting with bottles and cans, and throwing pirates.

French police in Paris gathered in front of the Arc de Triomphe on Saturday night with cars and burning sirens to express their dissatisfaction with the bans on the use of suffocating techniques in arrests. Police officers sang Marseilles and threw handcuffs on the ground on the eve of President Emmanuel Macron’s address.

My colleagues felt abandoned, abandoned by their responsible minister after Interior Minister Christoph Castaner’s announcements Monday to improve the ethics, duty and responsibility of the police force, explained Ioan Mara, a police officer and union representative. “If the president of the republic does not confirm his full support for the national police, we should expect the movement to gain momentum, thanks to the actions and demonstrations of the police,” he added.

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