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CENA protests against India’s App bans Good Bey says ‘ticktock’


Most of the users in the country have not been able to get a ticktok since the ban on app in India

New Delhi: Chenna has banned the Cheney’s App in India. A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in India said that India should abide by the relationship between the two countries. “India must change its partisan attitude. This is a move that has hampered India-China bilateral relations. India must be prepared to change its partisan attitude. Economic and industrial cooperation between India and Chenna should continue. It will not only affect the employees in India who depend on these apps. This will affect the interests of many people in India, ”said a spokesman for the Cheney embassy in India.

“The banned apps are widely accepted in India. All these apps are subject to the laws and regulations of India. App bans will affect the livelihood of many. App ban in India is a violation of World Trade Organization. “The embassy spokesman said

India bans TikTok and 59 other apps: These are the banned Chinese apps; Complete List

Meanwhile, most users in the country have not been able to get a ticktok since the App bans in India. Ticktok is one of the most popular app in India. The app is being banned by the Government of India. All users’ information and security can be found is the message of Ticktok app that is important to them.

The government has banned 59 Chinese mobile applications following a border dispute with China. India has banned applications including Tektok, UC Browser Hello, Extender and YouCam. Earlier, protests were fierce in many parts of the country, demanding the ban on Chinese applications.

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“There are concerns over data security issues and protecting the privacy of 130 crore Indians. It has recently been noted that such concerns threaten the sovereignty and security of our country. The Ministry of Information has received numerous complaints from various sources, including reports of misuse of some of the mobile applications available on the Android and iOS platforms for the purpose of illegally stealing and transferring users’ data to servers located outside India. ” For this reason, the Center explains why applications are banned.
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