Bulgarians with dirty mouths started barking


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The former national of Bulgaria Blagoy Georgiev commented in a curious way on the information that he wants to buy the northern Macedonian Vardar (Skopje).”I have a lot of friends in Macedonia with whom I played. I didn’t want to be mentioned much, but they saw us by chance and information leaked, but already here Bulgarians with dirty lips started barking. I don’t want to enter this topic because there is nothing specific “, said at a press conference in” Studio Derby “the football player, also known by his nickname Blago Jesus.

He also talks about his children’s school.

“There are coaches at the school, there are specialists who will lead the trainings. I don’t understand coaching. There are coaches who understand. I want to help the children. The parents who are confused, I don’t want to come to matches. These are parents with sick ambitions “, said Blagoy Georgiev.

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