Bulgaria hopes for access to Israeli developments for a coronavirus vaccine


Israel is not only a strategic partner, but above all a friend of Bulgaria. I look forward to restoring the normal rhythm of life in our two countries, which will provide even more opportunities to expand and build on our good relations so far, said Prime Minister Boyko Borissov in a telephone conversation with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu. He congratulated Netanyahu on forming the new government and on his fifth term

“Thank you for your good cooperation during the pandemic. We want it not only to continue, but to expand and deepen, “the Prime Minister explained and reiterated the desire of our country to continue the exchange of good practices against COVID-19, as well as partnership in scientific and research activities. “In Bulgaria there is a strong interest in the Israeli development of a new type of vaccine and new therapies for the treatment of the disease. That is why we will be happy to establish contacts in both directions, “said Prime Minister Borissov.

During the conversation it was emphasized that thanks to the timely and adequate measures against the coronavirus, Bulgaria allowed a very low rate of infection with COVID-19 and achieved good results in treatment. It is very important to be careful when easing the measures and not to allow another sharp rise in the number of patients, the two prime ministers agreed.

Another focus of the telephone conversation was bilateral economic relations, which are developing at a steady pace, but have not yet reached their potential. “By overcoming the consequences of the crisis, our cooperation can become more active as we work for the implementation of joint business, energy, innovation, pharmaceutical and cultural projects,” said Boyko Borissov.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Israel.

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