Britain … the ruling Conservative Party’s support declined with the highest death toll from “Corona” recorded in Europe


Three opinion polls published in Britain on Saturday showed that support for the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson decreased with the decline in public confidence in the government’s handling of the “Koid 19” epidemic.

But these numbers are unlikely to cause immediate concern for Johnson, who does not need to hold elections before 2024 after securing a large parliamentary majority in December, according to Reuters.


Media: Britain intends to ease measures of public isolation of the Corona epidemic

Britain recorded the highest death toll in Europe from Covid-19, with more than 50,000 deaths, according to a Reuters tally last week, according to official sources.

The UK ranks fourth globally in the number of confirmed infections with the new Corona virus, with more than 286,000 infections, and second in terms of deaths, while the number of people living with the virus worldwide exceeds 6.8 million, including nearly 400,000 deaths. According to Johns Hopkins University, USA.

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