Brazil has resumed publishing coronavirus mortality data


The Government of Brazil resume publication of total coronavirus mortality, after being accused that trying to hide the scale of the health crisis, informs AFP.

The administration of President Jair Bolsonaru stopped publishing the total number of those who died of coronavirus on Friday, arguing that he was taking new methodology and will only communicate those who died in the last 24 hours in the daily bulletin.

Bolsonaru complains that he is being prevented from ruling Brazil

However, he would continue to serve his country

This caused accusations and angry reactions. Even the Supreme Court announced on Monday that the government must return to the old format.

The health ministry did so on Tuesday. The death toll increased by 1272 to 38 406. Brazil is behind the United States and Britain in world mortality. The agency clarified that the number of infected rose to 739,503 – second only to the United States.

Brazil with 37,312 deaths from coronavirus

Brazil with 37,312 deaths from coronavirus

After revising the data

Experts believe that the actual number of people infected in Brazil with a population of 212 million is probably much higher due to limited testing.

Bolsonaru, who compares the virus to a “small flu”, opposes a consensus response in the fight against the pandemic, warning that self-isolation measures are unnecessarily devastating the economy. In Friday he threatened to take the country out of the World Health Organizationwhich did Donald Trump.

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