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Boyko Borisov


“After June 15, all restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus crisis must fall. Only social measures will remain,” Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said, BGNES reported.

He stated this at the beginning of today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers, which is present.

According to Prime Minister Borissov, the order to wear masks indoors is ill-conceived.

“How did the ignorance of the order affect us. If we bring a plate of food, you can be without masks. If it’s a restaurant, you can be without masks, and now you have to be with masks. Imagine what that looks like. Now we are disguised. If they bring food, we may be without masks, “said Boyko Borissov.

“Every day we create a problem for people with something unimaginative. If you have the rare chance that I can determine what will happen, they will wonder elsewhere what to do and how to do it. The sanitary emergency expires on June 15. On June 15, everything should fall, only social measures remain – 60/40 and the like, “he added.

Borissov announced that funds in the amount of BGN 600,000 will be allocated for the renovation of the Rila Monastery, as well as BGN 1.3 million for the treatment plant of the Holy Monastery.

“Two years ago, we started allocating money for the salaries of the priests of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the employees of the Muslim religion,” the prime minister was quoted as saying by BGNES.

“The first year there were about 21 million for salaries, last year – 26 million, this year we also gave for the capital repairs of the Holy Synod. However, they still haven’t had enough for everyone’s salaries – I don’t want to fight, and so that there are no questions like “why not for the monasteries and the Theological Academy”, it is fair to say what we have done. In the morning, the Coalition Council also approved the allocation of the following funds:

for 2020 the Cabinet will allocate additional funds in the amount of BGN 1.3 million for the Rila Holy Monastery. By the way, the 60/40 measure works well in the monasteries as well “, the Prime Minister specified.

Today the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Petya Avramova will visit the Rila Monastery, because there is a 40-kilometer road built, but only in one place there is a landslide that needs to be repaired.

Churches and monasteries will be able to apply for another 14m euros in restoration programs, in fact, 33 churches and 84 monasteries have already been paid under the previous program, added the Minister of Agriculture Desislava Taneva.

At their meeting today, the ministers also approved the allocation of more BGN 200,000 for the Bachkovo Monastery, BGN 200,000 for the Troyan Monastery, and BGN 300,000 for the monastery in Krastova Gora. “This is our Mount Athos, and the main church there, one of its wings is almost destroyed,” the prime minister added.

The ministers also allocated another BGN 500,000 for the church in the yard of the Theological Academy, which has many leaks, and in addition to worshipers, there are also many students who conduct classes. In the fall, the cabinet will allocate another BGN 400,000 for its repair, Borissov added.

Another BGN 15 million is given by the state to Sofia Municipality for schools and kindergartens.

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