” Blame it on bowling action, but I have never been able to teach it myself.


Jasprit Boomra’s bowling action is always discussed in the cricket world. Former India skipper Kapil Dev and Windies legend Michael Holding have come to the fore with their bowling action. They argue that this bowling action is what makes it easier to fall into the grip of an injury. Boomrah has to say with all her criticism, no one taught me this.

Boomera says the bowling action was not done with the help of any coach. I have not received much help from coaches. Neither professional coaching nor attending camps. So far, everything has been learning by itself. Everything … through TV, in videos … There is no specific reason for this bowling action, says the star of India.

I don’t listen to those who say bowling action should be changed. My belief is that if you have confidence, you will increase your strength. Boomera says it’s also the reason for less runup. We didn’t have much space when playing behind the house. 8 Step Runup is the most …

I tend to run more in the runup. But the speed remains the same, even when taking a runup or not. Boomrah then asks why he runs so much. Ian Bishop was wondering how Boomera was getting such a low run-up and wondering how he could get so fast. That’s what Boomera is now answering.

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