Assoc. Prof. Okoliyski, WHO: It is not too late to come out with minor damage from COVID-19


The WHO is talking about a second peak. What we are seeing is an alarming return that none of us wanted. This is an increase in new infections, deaths, neglect of measures. People knew they had to keep safe. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria we have such a people’s psychology, sometimes after we have done something good then to question it. It is not too late to come out of this situation with COVID-19 with less damage. This was said to BNT by the WHO representative in Bulgaria, Assoc. Prof. Mihail Okoliiski.

“The WHO has very good recommendations on how to loosen the measures. The recommendation is to loosen one after the other and wait to see if the number of infected people increases and to find a balance to protect the economy and loosen the economy. that many measures have been removed together, it is not clear which are more effective.In stadiums no measures of distance are observed, people hug, saliva can be exchanged when shouting, when hugging.One person can infect many people and “There was a cluster. This was observed in Italy, where tens of thousands of people became infected in one match. There is no recommendation for masks in open spaces, but indoors everyone should be protected,” he added.

“There are 2 types of countries in Europe – one is dealing with the problem like Italy and Spain, in other countries like Northern Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania there is an increase in cases. Records are being improved every day by Latin American countries. The infection has spread and to North Africa. There can be no intensive care. The picture still leads to us being careful and cautious. Most countries are. In England, all these measures are taken in relation to the disputed events. “Liverpool” play in empty stands “, said Assoc. Prof. Okoliyski.

“The WHO decides on the recommendations when enough scientific facts are accumulated. Science and real life are very dynamic. From the first moment, the WHO has constantly advised people to protect themselves, to observe physical distance, not social distance,” he added.

“There are measures that confuse the Bulgarian population. On Friday we had meetings in Yambol with the mayor, who work with Roma communities. There you can see the effect, but they hesitate if there are contradictory measures. There I charged with positive energy, I saw people who Inspiration is trying to protect people living in the poorest conditions. And there a health mediator died. I want us to speak optimistically and look for the positive, until recently we could find it, Bulgaria did best of all European countries. I think that Bulgaria is a dangerous destination, the question is to show the world that we are very aware of prevention people “, added Assoc. Prof. Okoliyski.

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