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We have an episode of the second wave, there is definitely a circulation of the virus in the country and in specific places – hospitals, factories, villages. This was said by the Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev to bTV.

According to him, there is a slight change in the behavior of the virus and so far its infectivity is decreasing. Increasingly, there are people who test positive for coronavirus but have little or no symptoms. According to Kunchev, there will be fewer serious cases in hospitals, as well as deaths. The number will decline gradually, he added.

“The decisions we will make depend on the number of newly infected people. We have the advantage, if we focus our efforts in these 5-6 outbreaks, to cope faster. We do our best not to take extreme measures, but if necessary, we can reach such measures. ” This is what Kunchev told the Bulgarian National Radio on the occasion of the increased number of registered patients with COVID-19.

According to him, there will be no complete stoppage of traffic in the Shumen village of Izgrev, but it all depends on the reaction of the people.

“So far, the measures are control, but if there is no elementary awareness that you have to protect yourself and your loved ones, more serious measures can not be implemented,” said the chief state health inspector.

According to him, there is also an increase in the number of registered cases in northern Macedonia.

“Something is happening with this virus. Specialized publications describe people who are very strong spreaders of the virus, and there are proven positive people who do not transmit it for weeks. The virus reduces its infectivity, which is good, but it prevents the measures from being relaxed. ”

The Chief Health Inspector also commented the condition in the outbreaks.

IN two Stara Zagora enterprises 20 workers with positive samples were found. Some of the people are from Nova Zagora and Sliven region. One is from the food industry “Gradus”, the other is a knitting factory “Natalia”.

In both, disinfection measures and a way of working have been taken. The whole plant will not be closed, but the line where the virus was caught. There is no reason to stop an entire enterprise if many new samples are not released, said Angel Kunchev.

The villages of Yasenovets and Izgrev

“We do not want to go to complete isolation, because this leads to a lot of problems for people, so we are trying to find a softer option, to keep people who can go to work, people with humanitarian problems in the clusters. The villages of Yasenovets and Izgrev are quite unfeasible and will force us to resort to more extreme measures, “said Assoc. Prof. Kunchev.

According to him, there is no change in the strategy of the headquarters. “We do not want to interfere with finances and the economy and personal life, but to keep the infection under control, not to reach high peaks that threaten the health system,” he added.

IN Dospat the cases at the moment are 81, announced Assoc. Prof. Kunchev and added that he does not expect an explosive increase.

According to him, the situation in April was much more dangerous. Now the cases are concentrated in 4-5 places and this allows quick intervention by the health authorities, he said.

According to him the list of Schengen countries, for which a 14-day quarantine will not be required, it is added, Malta and the Netherlands are likely to drop out, as the number of infected has decreased there. However, the health inspector clarified that there are other countries that have increased it a lot.

“Currently, Sweden is leading with a huge difference from other countries. The difference between Sweden and Bulgaria in morbidity is 18 times. We will take measures against it. From June 15 we will travel to Greece if it does not take any restrictive measures,” Kunchev said.

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