Apple Maps activates Close function in Belgium – Tablets and phones – News


Belgian users of Apple Maps can now use the Close function of the map service. This feature was introduced a few years ago in the Netherlands, but Apple Maps is now also suggesting nearby places in Belgium.

Apple has added Belgium to the list of countries where the Near feature of Apple Maps is available. This feature gives users suggestions of nearby places that may be useful, such as restaurants, parking and stations. The addition is part of a larger expansion of the Near feature, which can now be used in 31 additional countries, including Ireland and Italy.

Apple has also added the Netherlands to the list of regions that support real-time public transport information for Maps. However, that support already brought the company to users with the arrival of iOS 13 a year ago. Apple has also expanded the number of regions where turn-by-turn navigation is supported, and added 45 airports with indoor navigation, including Madrid, Prague and Istanbul, iPhone ticker writes.

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