Announcement that a famous Egyptian actor was infected with the Corona virus


Local Egyptian media revealed that a famous Egyptian actor was infected with the new corona virus, which causes Covid 19.

“In Art”, it was confirmed that the Egyptian actor, Karim Kassem, was infected with the Corona virus.

The website quoted the Egyptian actor as saying that he is recovering and that “Covid 19” infection is currently in its final stages.


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Karim Kassem said that he had not left his home for nearly a month, and he is now entering a recovery stage from Corona infection.

The Egyptian actor Karim Kassem denied that he was infected with Corona virus, during the period of Eid Al-Fitr while he was in El-Gouna, indicating that he had not been out of his home for nearly a month.

Karim Kassem finished filming his role in the series “When We Were Young” since mid-May.

And the series “When We Was Young” was shown during the past month of Ramadan, and the series starring Khaled Al Nabawi, Mahmoud Hamida, Karim Qassem, Reham Hajjaj, Nisreen Amin, Nabil Issa, Mahmoud Hijazi, Hani Adel, and from Written by Ayman Salama, directed by Muhammad Ali.

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