Although his analyzes were negative … the President of Brazil: I think I had “Corona”


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said Thursday that he may have contracted the new Corona virus earlier and that he may be tested again.

Bolsonaro’s comments came after results of previous negative tests weeks ago, according to “Reuters”.

REUTERS / Bruno Kelly

Second in the world … Corona’s injuries in Brazil exceed one million

Bolsonaro said that the results of his analyzes were negative twice, but he fought with the courts to prevent the results of the hospital exams from being published, which raised questions about whether he contracted the disease or not.

Brazil ranks second in terms of the number of HIV infections and deaths after the United States of America, with more than one million and 200 thousand infections, and deaths approaching 55 thousand cases, according to university statistics.Johns HopkinsAmerican.

It is noteworthy that with the start of countries to ease restrictions of isolation and movement, the World Health Organization said that the world has entered a “dangerous phase” of the Covid-19 pandemic, with total injuries reaching more than 9 million and 600 thousand injuries.

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