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These are turbulent times for European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. In response to the corona crisis, 15,000 will disappear worldwide by the summer of 2021. The company has no branches in Belgium.

“Airbus has decided to reconsider its human resources policy in response to the Covid-19 crisis,” the company said. in a press release. “Our activity has declined 40 percent in recent months in this unprecedented crisis. We are grateful for the state support, but aviation will not recover before 2023, maybe even before 2025. That is why we must now take steps to prepare for the post-covid era. ”

“This is a tough decision, but we need to act now to secure the future of Airbus,” said CEO Guillaume Faury in a video message. “Airbus will overcome this crisis, and it is our workers who will shape the recovery.”

Of the total 135,000 jobs, 5,000 are at risk in France, 5,100 in Germany, 900 in Spain and 1,700 in the United Kingdom. 1,300 layoffs are expected in the rest of the world. Talks with social partners will start in the fall of this year.

Airbus wants to set up a voluntary departure scheme, offer early retirement and let people work part-time for a long time. Nevertheless, the company does not exclude redundancies.

The French Ministry of Economic Affairs called the number of jobs at risk “exaggerated”. The ministry wants the company to “make full use of the tools the government has put in place to reduce the number of jobs to be cut, and also wants Airbus to avoid forced layoffs to the maximum.”

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