Airbnb to go to court to avoid refund service fees


By starting a lawsuit against various claims agencies, rental site Airbnb wants to prevent tens of thousands of Dutch people from getting their service costs back. The agencies have been urging Airbnb customers to join and claim their money back since March.

In March, the Amsterdam District Court cut the double service costs that Airbnb charges. The rental website asks money from both the tenant and the landlord and that is not allowed, judged the judge.

Twee Heren BV conducted the first lawsuit on behalf of an Airbnb customer and used it as a stepping stone for thousands of other claims. Other agencies also threw themselves into the case and tied again thousands users of the rental agent to themselves.

‘Clarity for the guests’

Yesterday, in addition to Twee Heren, Appeal, Rabbin, Procedeerwinkel and Consumentenbond Claim Service received a summons on the mat. Airbnb has started a procedure at the Rotterdam court with the request that the Supreme Court also consider it. “We are now asking a higher court to rule on this, in order to obtain clarity for Dutch guests,” said an Airbnb spokesperson.

“Wonderful”, says Nicolaas Huppes of Twee Heren, who got the business rolling. Twee Heren brought 165 new cases to all courts in the Netherlands. “They could also have asked the judge to bring it to the Supreme Court in one of those proceedings.”

Game over

If the Rotterdam judge indeed submits the case to the Supreme Court, the case is expected to be delayed a year and a half. “But then it is after that game over“Huppes says confidently.” Our conclusion is still: we are on the right track. “

The collaboration between the Consumers’ Association and the Consumer Claim does not panic about the subpoena either. “We were actually hoping that Airbnb would adjust the duplicate service fees without a lawsuit and that we could give customers their money back through a settlement,” said a spokesperson for Consumentenbond Claimservice. “But fine, then we’ll do it like this. We look forward to this lawsuit with confidence.”

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