After the campaign “Welcome to Morocco” … Elisa explains: I respect this country and do not disagree with its people


The Lebanese actress Elissa commented on the criticisms of her on social media because of her admiration for a photo that includes a map of the Arab world.

The map Elisa admired was showing Morocco without the Sahara, which made her the subject of criticism by Moroccans who considered her not welcome in their country.

Elisa wrote on “Twitter” today, Tuesday, transcribing the text: “times like I like to create an idea, a joke for a picture, and it is not intended to underestimate anything.” And she continued: “How many days have they published words with the map of the Arab countries, what have been checked in every country, and some people considered the image to reduce the importance of Morocco.”

And she continued, according to the text of the post: “Halabal Batarmo, from north to south, to Sahraoui, and there is nothing that makes me disagree with the good people. I will see you soon.”

And hashtag spread under the title “Elisa is not welcome in Morocco”, and it was circulated by social media users, after she expressed her admiration for a picture of a map showing the state of Morocco in a deficient map of the Sahara, which angered Moroccans.

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