After her mother’s health deteriorated … Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s daughter publishes an impressive message


Amira Hassan Mokhtar, the only daughter of the Egyptian artist Rajaa El-Gedawy, published an impressive prayer, after her mother’s deteriorating health condition and her need for a ventilator with a laryngeal tube to deliver air to the lungs.

Sputnik. Mohamed Hemida

Oxygen ratio 55% … the deterioration of the health of the artist, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi

And she said His son Rajaa Al-JeddawiThrough her page on social networking sites “Facebook”: “There is no God but You, Glory be to You, I was one of the oppressors, O Hearer, O Healer, heal my mother, you who revive the bones and they are restored. Wake up, O Healer, O answerer, O Lord, there is no power or power for me and for all human beings and creatures except for you.

A medical source inside the Isolation Hospital, in which the great Egyptian artist Rajaa El-Gedawy was, said that her health condition had deteriorated in the last hours.

The source added that “the medical team had to put the artist on a respirator with a laryngeal tube to deliver air to the lungs, instead of a respirator connected to a positive continuous air pump for the lungs that enters from the nose or mouth to the beginning of the throat to pump oxygen to the lungs after her condition deteriorates.” He explained that “the artist, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, is still inside the focused care, and was transferred from the” CPAP “device, to a penetrative ventilator after her low oxygen level in the blood, other than ventilator, to 55%.”

It is noteworthy that Raja Al-Jeddawi, who is 81 years old, had experienced symptoms of Corona after the end of filming the series “The Oblivion Game” that was broadcast last Ramadan. After examinations and analyzes, the sample was positive and confirmed to be infected with the virus, and is present in the hospital for the 29th day after its entry Sanitary hygiene on Eid Al Fitr night.

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