Actress from “Stolen Life” admitted her serious health problem



Actress Milena Zhivkova, better known as Dr. Romanova from the hit TV series “Stolen Life”, admitted to a serious health problem. Viewers of the Bulgarian series noticed that last season the actress’s face was paralyzed and stood quite unnaturally on screen. Haters was quick to accuse the actress of overdoing the beauty treatments and Botox that led to the stiff face.

The truth turned out to be quite different and serious. In a TV interview, the wife of the former sex symbol Ivaylo Geraskov spoke about her pain and brought clarity among viewers and fans of the series, who are worried about what they saw on screen.

It turned out that Milena Zhivkova had nerve palsy, which became the cause of the stiff face. She stated categorically that she had not had plastic surgery and read with bitterness the lies about a possible intervention in the yellow media.

In “Na kafe” Zhivkova explained that she agreed to the proposal of the creators of the series to use her health problem as part of the plot, because she decided that it would be interesting for the viewers.

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