Accusations the US Attorney General to interfere in the judiciary for political purposes


Democrats in the US House of Representatives attacked Attorney General William Barr in a session today, Wednesday, in light of accusations of improper interference in criminal and antitrust investigations in order to achieve political goals.

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The US Attorney General defends his decision to absolve Trump of accusing him of obstructing justice

But Democrats have fallen short of pledging to take any steps to seek the removal of the chief law enforcement official in the United States, according to Reuters.

“The work that Mr. Barr is doing in the Justice Department has nothing to do with reforming the lack of justice. He is the one who arranges things for the good of President (Donald Trump),” said House Speaker Judold Nadler.

“He showed us that there is a set of rules that apply to the friends of the president and another set of rules that applies to all of us.”

Nadler discussed issuing a summons to Barr to appear before the committee at a future session, but a Justice Ministry spokeswoman said on Wednesday on Twitter that the minister would voluntarily present his testimony on July 28.

The stormy session witnessed today the testimony of two current employees of the Ministry of Justice who have taken an unusual step by speaking publicly on this issue.

The session comes at a time when the Minister of Justice is under increasing scrutiny in his performance after he entered two trials for President Trump’s allies and dismissed a federal prosecutor whose office was investigating Trump’s personal lawyer.

Federal Prosecutor Aaron Zielinski testified today that the attorney’s office in Washington had come under pressure from the “highest authorities” at the Justice Department to reduce his recommendation to jail Roger Stone, an old friend of Trump.

The second employee who testified today was John Elias Antitrust Prosecutor who spoke about politicizing antitrust investigations in marijuana companies and the automotive sector.

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