A new feature from “Facebook” enables you to transfer your photos to a “safe” platform


Several press reports revealed that the “Facebook” platform has introduced a new feature that can transfer users’ images to a “safe” platform.

The specialized technical site “Engadget” pointed out that “Facebook” is now enabling its users for the first time to transfer their private photos to the separate application “Google Pictures”, which is described as the most secure platform for pictures.

This collaboration came to facilitate the ability for the user to find his photos through one application and a secure platform.

This service is among the services imposed on the Facebook platform, as part of anti-trust measures, after law enforcement agencies feel that major technology companies are using the personal data of their users in a closed manner to kill competition.

To activate this feature, you must follow the following steps, according to what was published by “Times News Now”:

– Enter the settings for your Facebook account.

– Then choose the privacy icon.

– You will find a new icon that allows Facebook to transfer all your photos and videos to the Google Photos service.

– You can also make this service handpicked for a certain category of photos or videos.

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