A member of the Egyptian-Saudi Business Council believes that e-commerce is more than traditional


“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has laid out a clear and specific plan for developing electronic infrastructure in general in all sectors, especially e-commerce, before the Corona pandemic crisis,” said member of the Saudi-Egyptian Business Council, Osama Al-Kurdi.

Al-Kurdi added in a statement to “Radio Sputnik” that “the interest in this file became clear through the establishment of the E-Commerce Council in Saudi Arabia, which aimed to create an electronic and legal infrastructure for this type of trade.”

REUTERS / Faisal Al Nasser

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He pointed out that “the Kingdom’s interest in this file stems from the fact that 70% of the population in Saudi Arabia are young people who use e-commerce platforms, pointing out that the Corona crisis has increased the causes of demand and online shopping due to the curfew, which has led to a rise in the number of consumers of trade Electronic means that the recent increase in consumption is a natural result of the developments in the crisis. ”

Al-Kurdi did not exclude “the superiority of e-commerce over traditional commerce, noting that many of the huge stores spread in the world turned to online trading platforms and offered all products and services, and some of them decided to close their traditional outlets in some places.”

On the volume of intra-regional trade between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, a member of the Egyptian-Saudi Business Council said: “The lack of a strong electronic structure between the two countries has had a great impact on electronic commerce between them as well as the absence of transportation.”

Osama Al-Kurdi concluded his remarks that “there is an interest by the government to open opportunities and business for Saudi youth, and has provided websites devoted to this purpose, including funding and training for projects.”

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