A knife in Megan’s heart! Harry fell for a famous singer


Since living in Beverly Hills, Prince Harry and Megan Markle have become quite close to singer Adele, who lives ten minutes from their mansion. It was kindly provided to them by Hollywood actor and producer Tyler Perry.

The 32-year-old singer often visits 35-year-old Harry and 38-year-old Megan, Mirror reports. According to the publication, Adele even recommended her son’s school to the couple as suitable for little Archie. She also explained to them the secret places in the area where the Dukes of Sussex could walk without worries from paparazzi, for which they hired expensive guards.

But it turns out that the closer Adele gets to them, the more Megan Markle’s dissatisfaction grows, the publication notes.

A source said that Prince Harry had friendly feelings for Adele. He liked to socialize with her and relax in her company with a few alcoholic drinks, discussing his difficult life in Los Angeles, away from his relatives.

Megan, on the other hand, was unhappy that she had done everything possible for her husband to lead an extremely healthy lifestyle, including becoming a vegetarian, but instead, as confirmed by Women’s Day, he returned to alcohol intake in his daily life.

The source added to the publication: “Harry and Adele get along great with each other and he becomes himself. They have a similar sense of humor, unique to the British.” Anonymous sources believe that the weakened and beautified Adele is a reason for Megan to be jealous, but whether this is true is difficult to prove, writes “The Body”.

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