A detailed video … This is how the iPhone 12 Pro will be designed


Lovers of the iPhone smartphone recently shared a new clip containing all the details related to the design of its Pro 12 version, which Apple will announce in September next year at its annual conference.

The video was designed by Moro Patino and Concept iPhone, in which they confirmed that “the design is 100% final”, and it contains very amazing details.

                    REUTERS / STEPHEN LAM

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The most interesting detail in the video is that the iPhone 12 Pro design will combine a smaller notch (top) notch at the top of the screen and sharper edges inspired by the iPhone 4.

The video also indicated that my iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be released in larger sizes, while iPhone 12 will get a smaller screen.

The video also shows that “iPhone 12 Pro” will be equipped with a quad camera in the back, and the fourth unit will be a “LiDAR sensor” that will help “iPhone” with “augmented reality” capabilities and 3D environmental mapping.

The video shows that the new phone will come in a new color is dark blue, after the success of “iPhone 11” in “midnight green”.

The video also shows the Apple A14 chip, which is expected to be the largest upgrade to the performance of Apple in years, and it also hints at the company’s move to the fifth generation network.

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