A Bulgarian citizen slaughtered a German in the middle of Frankfurt


A Bulgarian citizen is in pre-trial detention in the German city of Frankfurt am Main on charges of a serious crime – murder with a knife, Bild newspaper reported, quoted by Monitor.

According to investigators, the 35-year-old man, whose name was not named, had an argument early Monday morning (around 4.00 am) with a 40-year-old Bavarian from the town of Degendorf on the busy Stuttgarter Strasse, not far from the city’s central station.The reason for the quarrel is unknown, but unfortunately the scene ended with an ominous end – the Bulgarian citizen pulled out a knife and stabbed the opponent in the neck and left the crime scene undisturbed by the disarmed opponent.

The wounded man crawled about 50 meters, as evidenced by the bloody trail he left behind, and then apparently the forces left him and stretched to the barrier of the bus station, which is located just outside the southern exit of the main train station of Frankfurt am Main. .

A little later, the body of the still breathing Bavarian was found by passers-by in a pool of blood in the parking lot. Despite the fast enough reaction and the doctors’ efforts to resuscitate the man, he died a little later.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. The killer’s whereabouts were soon established and he was quickly arrested not far from the scene of the murder.

The perpetrator has not yet commented on the murder charge, prosecutors said. “He only says he heard some voices,” a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office was quoted as saying by Bild, without giving further details.

The causes of the accident are being investigated. So far it is known for sure that the two men did not know each other before the quarrel.

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