2057 treated in Kerala, triple lockdown in Ponnani; Kovid news today


For the 11th consecutive day, Kerala has witnessed more than 100 cases of Covid. Today, 121 people have been confirmed with the virus while 79 have been cured. Unlike the previous days, the number of people who have contracted the disease has come back to single digits. Today, five people have contracted the disease. Today, nine CISF personnel, including three health workers, have been diagnosed with the disease.

One more death

Kovid test results of Tamil Nadu man who died in Manjeri medical college After collecting and selling old goods at Kottakkal Palathara, he went to Manjeri Govt. On June 23 after suffering fever and vomiting. He was rushed to the Medical College Hospital. District Medical Officer Dr Krishnaswamy said that he was pronounced dead at 6 am on June 24, despite receiving special treatment. K. Sakina informed him.

Kerala Covid Tracker: Covid has 121 people today

  • A total of 121 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported in Kerala today.
  • Of the 79 patients who were diagnosed with the disease, the results were negative.
  • Of those who were diagnosed with the disease, 78 returned from overseas.
  • 26 were returned from other states.
  • Five people contracted the disease through contact.
  • Nine of those diagnosed with the disease were CISFs.
  • All three health workers were affected by Kovid.

District-wise estimates of those diagnosed today

Thiruvananthapuram – 4
Kollam – 11
Alleppey – 5
5 – Ernakulam
Thrissur – 26
Palakkad – 12
Malappuram – 13
Calicut – 9
Kannur – 14
Kasaragod – 4

District-wise figures for the sick today

Thiruvananthapuram – 3
Kollam – 18
Kottayam – 8
Ernakulam – 4
Palakkad -3
Malappuram – 7

Kovid in Kerala till date

  • Covid has so far confirmed 4311 cases in Kerala.
  • Of these, 2057 have been diagnosed and are currently undergoing treatment.
  • 2228 people have so far been released from Kovid.

Kovid accused of committing suicide in Calicut Under surveillance by police including CI

After Covid confirmed the suicide victim, Inquest was under surveillance by police, including CI. Seven policemen at a white police station near the city of Kozhikode went under surveillance. Kovid confirmed Chandran, 68, of Kunnummalmil, who was found hanging inside his house. Chandran, a security guard at a flat in PT Usha Road, died on the 27th afternoon. Covid test performed before the post mortem confirmed the positive. He then directed the police, including the CI, to go under surveillance.

Triple lockdown at Ponnani; Strict restrictions in Malappuram

In Malappuram district, restrictions are tightening due to the spread of Kovid. Triple lockdown announced in Ponnani taluk The triple lockdown is scheduled for Monday to sixth of next month. The triple lockdown has been announced amid increasing numbers of patients who do not know the source. Regulations will be tightened in the area.

Health workers, bank employees and transport hubs, apart from those who are symptomatic, will be checked even if they have no symptoms. Special teams from Kozhikode, Manjeri and Thrissur Medical Colleges will visit these areas. Tens of thousands of tests will be done in areas where severe infections have been detected. As the number of cases increases, so does the number of containment zones. Special investigation will be conducted in cases where the source is not found.

Containment zones will determine how the cases and their contacts are distributed. There is only one way to get into and descend into these areas. Apart from strict restrictions, antigen testing will be done for people with lung diseases who visit their homes. The Clergy Plan includes everything from bringing patients to hospitals and providing all facilities.

Four more Kovid in Kasargod

Kovid 19 confirmed four more people in Kasargod district today. District Medical Officer Dr A Wavi Ramdas said all four patients who were diagnosed with the disease were from abroad.
The 33-year-old Neeleswaram Municipal Councilor, who came to Kuwait on June 14, Madikai Panchayat resident aged 26 from Abu Dhabi on June 22, Valiyaparamba 50 year old from Fujairah on June 22, and 40 year old Pallikkara Panchayath resident, arrived in Qatar on June 24.

Two people in the district have come out with Kovid

Two patients who were treated at the Pannadakkad Kovid treatment center became negative. The 46-year-old Neeleswaram Municipal Councilor, who came to Kuwait and was confirmed by Kovid on June 17, and a 49-year-old resident of Kanhangad, who were confirmed by Kovid on June 17, were Covid negative.

The number of people in the district was 6708

There were 6708 people in the district, including 6286 households and 422 institutional observers. A total of 897 people were under observation. There are 369 inspection results to be obtained. 786 completed the observation period.

Kovid confirmed 13 people in Malappuram

Kovid 19 confirmed 13 more people in the district today. One of them, 12 from Bengaluru, came from various foreign countries, said district collector K Srinivasan. Gopalakrishnan said. All of them are from Manjeri Govt. He is being treated at the Medical College Hospital. In addition, five other residents of the district, who were treated in the district, have also been confirmed.

The district received 235 patients. Seven people who were treated at Isolation centers in Malappuram district today confirmed that they have contracted Kovid 19. A total of 484 people have been confirmed with the virus so far.

The district currently has 29,860 people under surveillance. A total of 354 people are under observation in various hospitals. Govt. 293 patients were treated in Medical College Hospital, two in Tirurangadi Taluk Hospital, three in Nilambur District Hospital, four in Tirur District Hospital, 44 in Kalikkavu Specialty Hospital and eight in Muttipalam Special Medical Center. A total of 27,467 people are under surveillance in homes and 2,039 in co-ordinated care centers.

Eight people in Kozhikode get sick today

Kovid confirmed nine more in Calicut today. All nine injuries are now satisfactory.

The residents of Azhiyur (38, 36), Thuneri (30), Arakkinar Corporation (41), Maniyoor (45), Chelannoor (30), Mudadi (25), and Eramala (24) were residents of Ezhumala. (24) Eight were sick.

Today there are 19,072 people in the district, including 1,379 newcomers. The district has so far completed 46,626 observations. Today, 184 people, including 44 newcomers, are under observation in hospitals. Of these, 139 are in Medical College and 45 are in Lakshadweep Guest House, Kozhikode which is a Covid First Line Treatment Center.

At present 90 people from Kozhikode are being treated for Covid positive. Of these, 40 are undergoing treatment at Kozhikode Medical College, 45 in First Line Treatment Center, Kozhikode Lakshadweep Guest House, 3 in Kannur, one in Manjeri Medical College and one in Kalamassara. One Wayanad resident, two Wayanad residents, one from Malappuram and one from Tamil Nadu are undergoing treatment at Kozhikode Medical College.

Thrissur district witnesses most recent cases

  • Thrissur district gets 26 more
  • There are 174 confirmed cases of Kovid 19 in the district.
  • Today, 5 people have been cured and 215 have so far been sick in the district.
  • The district has 19151 households and 186 hospitals in the district as a result of Covidan resistance
  • A total of 19,337 people were on probation.

11 new Kovid affected in Kollam District

Kovid confirmed 11 persons in Kollam district. Of those diagnosed with the disease, nine were from abroad and one from other states. One is a resident of Kayamkulam.

Kovid 19 confirmed to 12 persons including four-year-old girl in Palakkad district.

Kovid 19 has been confirmed in Palakkad district, including four-year-olds, today (June 29). Two of them are being treated at Manjeri Medical College. Three persons have been cured of the disease.

The disease has been confirmed in Thiruvananthapuram today

The 41-year-old man, a native of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, landed in Thiruvananthapuram on the 26th. Antibody test positive at airport. He was taken to the hospital. Then there was a sap test, positive.

The 38-year-old man, a native of Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, arrived from Kuwait on the 26th. Antibody test positive at the airport. Subsequent sap examination was performed.
The 33-year-old man, hailing from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, arrived from Doha on the 26th. Arrived. Antibody test positive at airport. Subsequent sap examination.
The man, 60, a native of Nagore, Trivandrum, arrived from Muscat on the 25th. There were symptoms.

Five people have been diagnosed with the disease in the district today.
Thirteen people were admitted to the hospital for inspection today.
Ten people who were under surveillance at various hospitals were discharged today.
There are 218 people in different hospitals in the district.

It is the first day since June 1 in Kottayam that there is no new disease

325 test results and negative; Eight people became ill. The results of the 325-covid sample test received in Kottayam district today (June 29) were also negative. This is the first day no one has reported the disease since June 1. Eight people who were treated in the Kottayam district have also succumbed to their injuries. With this the total number of sick cases in the district rose to 104.


So far, 216 people have contracted the coronavirus. This month, most of the test results were positive. As of June, 173 people have been diagnosed with the disease. The daily average of the cases was 6.4. The number of people diagnosed with the disease in the previous months was May-23, April-17 and March-3.

Kovid confirmed 5 persons in Idukki district

The district collector said that five persons have been confirmed by the Kovid today.

1. The 25-year-old from Peruvanthanam, who came to Kumali from Madurai on June 17. He took a taxi from Kumali to Peerumedu Taluk Hospital.

2 & 3. The couple (65 years and 50 years) from Karunapuram came to Kumali from Kambathu on June 16. Police arrived at the jeep that had been deployed from Kumaly to Karunapuram and were on their way home.

4. Moolamattom hailing (31) from Kerala University Veterinary Hospital, Thrissur. The home has been under surveillance since June 26 after showing signs. On June 26, he reached Kurutikulam by bike and visited his wife, one-year-old son, parents and grandparents. He lived with his cousin in the Navy quarters in Aluva. She had come to Thrissur on a daily basis from KSRTC bus from Aluva.

5. Nedumkandam (24) hails from Abu Dhabi on June 14. കൊച്ചിയില്‍ നിന്നും ടാക്‌സിയില്‍ നെടുങ്കണ്ടത്തെത്തി വീട്ടില്‍ നിരീക്ഷണത്തില്‍ ആയിരുന്നു.
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