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Chennai: When the Kovid-19 campaign began in the country, many people in Tamil Nadu had no idea what it was. The belief was that the coronavirus could not survive the extreme heat of the state.

As the virus burns and burns as it burns in the summer afternoon, the thunder has hit the people. With the burning, the number of Covid patients was on the rise. Covid confirmed to more than 20,000 people in May that it was known as Burning. 145 people died.

May is always a tough month for Tamil Nadu. If the normal summer is causing the crisis, this time it will only be the turn of Kovid.

Covid was first confirmed in the state on March 7; Returning from Muscat. As of April 30, 2,323 people were affected by Covid. Another 20,010 people were affected by the heat surge in May.

The death toll rose from 28 to 173. At the start of the month, the number of new patients had exceeded 100 in just a few days. At the end of May, there were 1,000 new patients a day.

Last month alone, 14,000 new patients were reported in the Chennai district. More than 100 deaths were reported. The spread of the disease from the Coimbatore market has led to a big outbreak in Chennai.

As the number of patients increased, so did hospitals. With no beds in hospitals, Covid confirmed those without symptomatology and decided to ban contact with homes.

Despite the announcement of waiver of the closure arrangements, the lack of significant outbreaks in Chennai and nearby districts is still a cause for concern.

There are warnings that the number of patients in Chennai could cross two lakhs if preventive measures are not taken. But the situation is made worse by the lack of adequate attention of the city’s residents, including social distance.

content highlights: number of covid-19 patients in 20,000nadu crosses

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