“Zoom” platform promises a “fee” to encrypt calls


Zoom video conferencing has announced its plans to enhance the video calling encryption system for customers and organizations, such as schools, with the exception of consumers who use free accounts.

                    AP Photo / Denis Farrell

The first death sentence via video call in the “Zoom” app

The company’s security advisor, Alex Stamos, confirmed on the company’s official website that the plan is subject to change, “It is not yet clear which non-profit organizations may be eligible for accounts that allow safer video meetings.”

“While Zoom is trying to improve security, it is also significantly improving its confidence and security,” Stamos said. “The current plan includes customers who pay to subscribe to the service in addition to the accounts of organizations that know the platform who they are.”

He noted that the full encryption for each meeting would make the Zoom Trust team unable to add himself as a community participant to address abuse in real time.

It is noteworthy that the “Zoom” platform had attracted millions of customers during the spread of the Corona pandemic, and according to privacy experts, the platform may face new pressures through its great expansion in this field, especially with the Ministry of Justice condemning strong encryption.

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