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Bulgaria has implemented the recommendations and what came out yesterday is the annual report that the EC issues to each member state every year. The problem is in a single paragraph, which caused a lot of controversy in our country. This was stated in the studio of “This Morning” on bTV by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva

Ekaterina Zaharieva is the Deputy Prime Minister for Judicial Reform and Minister of.

“There is no change, there is nothing different from last fall, we do not expect a nineteenth report. The misunderstanding came from the fact that someone made a copy-paste of the text from last year. It is normal, it happens because it is a huge document. But I state categorically – there is no change. The only report of the EC on the Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification that remains is the last report from last year “, explained Deputy Prime Minister Zaharieva.

“The reform of the judiciary is not done because of Brussels, The Hague, Paris or Berlin, it is most important because of the Bulgarian citizens. The court card is important, e-justice is also important. See that there are already a lot of cases, so everything is in the hands of the judiciary. I think that the difference is quite big from five or six years ago “, the Foreign Minister is convinced.

EU Commissioner Dombrovskis denied misleading news about Bulgaria’s monitoring

“The levels of new coronavirus infections in Europe are declining, which has allowed us to think about the second phase, which involves the smooth and sensible restoration of the four freedoms and the economy, of course. The first phase was the restoration of the borders “, said Minister Zaharieva and reminded that from today a 14-day quarantine will not be imposed for business trips.

“The issue of seasonal workers is different. Some EU countries still restrict the entry of seasonal workers, as is the case with France. Other countries allow seasonal workers, “she explained.

“Only in Northern Macedonia can they be a brake on the EU, not Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Parliament unanimously adopted the Neighborhood Agreement and all its provisions. Unfortunately, an anti-Bulgarian campaign is currently underway in northern Macedonia. “Even now, I have the feeling that she is even fiercer because of the elections, but no one will win with hate speech and fake news,” said Deputy Prime Minister Zaharieva.

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