Your online store purchase may just be from Aliexpress


If you buy something online, the chance is greater that the product does not come from a Dutch warehouse of an online store. The market for dropshippingAfter all, an online store will only let your purchase come from China, for example, after your order, the Chamber of Commerce reports.

In some cases it means that your product actually comes from a Chinese webshop such as AliExpress, where you could have ordered it for a lower amount yourself. The Dutch webshop orders the wireless earplugs, shoes or fitness equipment there, offers them for a higher price and puts the difference in his pocket. Dropshipping itself is not prohibited, but some dropshippers do violate consumer rules.

There are numerous courses on the internet that promise that you can make money quickly with this ‘dropshipping’. It seems that young people are responding to this. “This year, 5,000 young people have already started a business in e-commerce,” says Gerdine Annaars of the Chamber of Commerce. “There were 7000 in all of 2019.” In many cases, these companies are about dropshipping.

Shoes ordered in China

The Consumers’ Association finds the practice dubious and potentially dangerous. Research by the Consumers’ Association has already shown that products from web shops from outside the European Union are not always safe.

According to the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, as a consumer you run a higher risk with dropshipping, because the products may not meet European regulations. Not all webshop owners give open information about where their belongings come from.

Not only the buyer is more at risk, the seller can also get into trouble. The latter is in fact liable for any damage. “In the event of health damage, this can quickly run into the papers,” said Gerard Spierenburg of the Consumentenbond. The legal consequences are not for the Chinese webshop, but for the Dutch retailer. “Traders and sellers must comply with all Dutch rules,” agrees spokeswoman Saskia Bierling of supervisory authority Authority for Consumers and Markets.

This can be difficult if the seller is not a real online store, but a young person in an attic who resells products on Aliexpress. “If half of your customers return your shoes ordered in China, you are left with the shoes, while you have to pay everyone back,” says Spierenburg.

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