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Coffee has health benefits and is good for the heart, but her love to the extent of excess may cause other problems, as it loses its effect on the body in the long run.

And adviser to cardiology and catheterization, Dr. Hossam Fawzy, recommends that the healthy amount of daily coffee consumption is from 2 to 3 cups as a maximum, while avoiding the increase in the quantity, according to the Egyptian “Echo Country” site.

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The benefits of coffee to prevent digestive disorders … and its effect on stimulating intestinal bacteria

He added that he prefers to drink coffee after breakfast, and avoid eating it on an empty stomach. He also advised the need to drink abundant quantities of water before and after coffee.

On the best coffee times, Fawzi pointed to the day during the first half of the day, while he warned against consuming it at night in order to avoid experiencing restlessness, restlessness, and difficulty sleeping.

A study conducted by the Australian Medical Center at the University of South Australia and published by “Science Daily” showed that excessive consumption of coffee can cause poor health and many diseases.

Using data from more than 300,000 participants at the British Biobank, researchers examined the links between coffee consumption and a range of diseases, and found that excessive coffee consumption could increase the risk of inflammation, arthritis, and obesity.

The study authors emphasized that “the message that we must always remember is that moderate coffee consumption is the best bet for enjoying your coffee and good health as well.”

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