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The singer Tsvetelina, who in the dawn of democracy became famous in the light genre with the hits “100 Mercedes”, “To be a flower”, “To be healthy”, now has a career as an art therapist and psychologist. Years ago, she graduated in “Pop and Jazz Performing Arts” at the University of Plovdiv, but her desire to constantly improve herself led her to enroll in two more specialties, which she studied in parallel with the practice of her music career.

“I have a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, which I graduated from the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, and I combined music and psychology through art therapy, which I specialized at NBU,” praised Tsvetelina.

In addition to hits, she delights her fans with poems, some of which she has published in three books. “I have been researching bright thoughts and feelings for many years. Where do they come from? How to achieve and keep them in our lives? time in the space of love and joy. That’s what the verses I write help me. I didn’t intend to publish books. But it was this spirit that made me write that whispered to me that it was time to share what was coming to me with other people who want to look for the answers in their heart, because we all long for the same things, “explains the singer.

She shared the poems with her sister Valya, who also sang years ago and is now an artist in America. It was she who designed the book – she painted, inspired by the poems, and then from her paintings Tsveti gave birth to new rhymes.

This is how we swirled an incredible creative flow, which will undoubtedly be felt by the readers, because every page is thought out and “infected” with love. However, the story doesn’t stop here. On March 8, my sister sent me her midnight creation via Skype. a ballerina who impressed me immensely. I jokingly named the picture “She” and the moment I hung up, poems about the world of women began to pour out. My sister and I both felt in the whirlwind of a creative magic, “added the singer. writes the Telegraph.

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