Yemeni artists release song to raise awareness of the dangers of Corona … video


Rallies, exchanges of visits, and going to parks are all lost this year due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, and some may miss the feeling of Eid as well.

A number of Yemeni artists performed an awareness video clip on the dangers of the Corona virus, urging people to adhere to the instructions and apply social divergence.

The Yemeni actor, Muhammad Qahtan, appeared with a number of stars in the song, “Your Langm Latajuna – and the reason is the Corona virus, please forgive us.” It aims to educate citizens about divergence and not approaching each other and peace at all times, especially the period of Eid, Eid peace and the exchange of visits, usually characterized by Arab countries.

Muslims in all the countries in which “Corona” has fallen due to the special rituals of Eid Al-Fitr, and despite their similarities, some societies have their own peculiarities and customs, which will force everyone not to establish them after tightening the prohibition measures in most Islamic countries during the Eid week in particular, while the world lives The same precautions, total and partial stone.

The United Nations announced, earlier, that the Coruna virus was spreading across Yemen where its “health care system” had “virtually collapsed”, adding that it was seeking to raise urgent funding.

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