Yemen … a ceasefire agreement between the army and the Transitional Council forces in Abyan


Sputnik learned that a mediation committee succeeded today, Sunday, in reaching a ceasefire agreement between the legitimate Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council in Abyan governorate, south of Yemen, after clashes that lasted for about ten days.

Cairo – Sputnik. A Yemeni military source told “Sputnik” that the ceasefire between the Yemeni army and the forces of the Transitional Council will enter into force, at dawn today, the first day of the holiday, and for a period of three days, which can be extended.

He added that the agreement included allowing the passage of passengers from the areas of confrontation between the two parties, which extend between the coastal cities of Shakra and Zanzibar, east of Abyan.

The regions east of the city of Zanzibar, the center of Abyan governorate, have witnessed, since May 11, exchanges and shelling operations between the Yemeni army and the forces of the Transitional Council, which left dead and wounded among the two parties, amid mutual accusations of obstructing the implementation of the Riyadh agreement signed between the government and the council on November 5.

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