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Islamabad: Pakistani cricketer Yasir Shah has taken to Twitter to reply to a fake social media campaign that killed a plane crash in Pakistan last week. Yasir had to make it clear that he was not dead and that he was safe at home as hundreds of posts were posted in tribute to the star. A Pakistani international Airlines flight near Karachi crashed on Friday.

All 107 passengers on board the plane were killed. The plane crashed just before landing. The cause of the crash was that both engines were damaged. This was followed by posts in the social media which showed that Pakistani cricketer Yasir Shah was aboard and he died.

Yasir Shah finally wore the jersey of Pakistan in a Test match against Bangladesh in February. He also played in Pakistan’s domestic cricket tournament, the Pakistan Super League. He has played four matches for Peshawar Salmi and has taken three wickets. Shah may play for Pakistan in the tour of England, scheduled for August.

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