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Words about Sarah Abid before that flight


Shortly after the accident, news of passengers aboard the airline was circulating on social media

Friends of Pakistani model Sarah Abid have died in a Karachi plane crash. The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crashed on Friday near the Karachi airport. About 98 passengers, including 91 passengers and eight crew members, were in the plane at the time of the crash.

Shortly after the accident, news of passengers aboard the airline was circulating on social media. Their friends tweeted that Sarah too had died. Actress and activist Freeha Altaf tweeted that Sarah died in a plane crash while returning from Lahore after her uncle died. Meanwhile, the caption of a photo that Sarah posted on Instagram on the 19th of this month has been debating on social media. The caption for the Instagram post was, “Fly high, that’s good.” Many condolences to Sarah.

The PIA flight number 8303 from Lahore crashed just a minute before landing. Two people on the plane had miraculously escaped. Several bodies were recovered from the accident site. The plane crashed near Jinnah Garden, a busy residential area.

PIA CEO Arshad Malik said the pilot had been warned of a technical malfunction. The pilot message stated that the power on the engines of the aircraft had stopped. He called it “Mayday, Mayday” and then gave a warning. According to the website, the aircraft dropped its communication within 12 seconds. Mayday is one of the code names for warning in the wireless usage rules.

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced an immediate investigation into the plane crash. All the houses on the site were damaged. International Airlines’ ATR-42 crashed while flying from Chitral to Islamabad. At least 48 passengers and crew were killed.

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