Woman donates 8 hectares of land to organic farmers


The organic sector is receiving support from an unexpected source. A woman donates her land to De Landgenoten.

The number of organic farmers in Flanders has more than doubled in ten years to 562. In 2019, too, their number increased by 9 percent, according to the new organic agriculture report on Friday.

Yet it remains a niche, it concerns barely 1.4 percent of the total Flemish agricultural area. This is partly because the price of agricultural land is so high that it hinders young farmers.

Geneviève, who only released a first name, once inherited farmland from her family and now donates 8 hectares to De Landgenoten, a foundation that buys agricultural land with donations and makes it available to organic farmers. The condition is that the farmers produce for the local community and the short chain. Thanks to the donation, the acreage of De Landgenoten will be 25 hectares.

Two organic farmers are already working on the donated 8 hectares in Ichtegem in West Flanders: Ruth van Bloom grows organic flowers and Renaat van ‘t Reigershof grows feed for his goats.

The Foundation is still looking for 38,000 euros to pay the gift taxes.

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