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Anchal (Kollam): .

 The woman, who was being treated for snake bite, was bitten again by the crime branch DySP. Ashok Kumar’s five-member team visited the woman’s home on Friday. The deceased has been identified as Uthra, 25, daughter of Vijayasenan and Manimekala. On March 2, Utra was first bitten by a snake at her husband’s house in Adoor. Uthra was bitten by a snake while she was staying with her husband in the same room at her home on May 7th.

When Utra’s mother called for tea in the morning, she found her daughter lying motionless. He was immediately taken to Anchal’s private hospital, where he died. Doctors said the cause of death was snake bite. There was also a snake bite in his left hand. Upon arriving home, Uthra and her husband searched the bedroom and found the murderer. Parents say it is suspicious that the woman did not know the snake had bitten her twice. She was taken to the hospital when she fell unconscious at her husband’s house for the first time. The snake bite is under investigation. Doctors said he was bitten by a viper. She later had plastic surgery. The second was bitten by a snake before it was dry.

On the day of the second snake bite, the couple had an AC The room lay on two couches. At nine o’clock the windows of the mother’s room were closed. Later, her husband Suraj opened the windows. The parents said the husband and his family had harassed Uttara for more money and had planned to take her daughter home. She said her daughter had told her that Sooraj had taken it and sacked it when she saw a snake lying on top of her husband’s house. Utra’s parents said that it was suspected that Sooraj had the expertise to handle the snake.

Parents have lodged a complaint with Rural District Superintendent of Police (Harishankar) over the mysterious death of their daughter. Following this, the Crime Branch DySP has filed a report to inquire into the complaint. Ashok Kumar was in charge. However, Anchal told the SI that the case had not been forwarded to the crime branch. CI Pushpakumar is looking for them. CL Sudheer said.

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