With this trend of coronavirus disease, our mountains and sea are safe


Burgas. Our goal is to show that in this trend of the disease, our sea and mountains are safe from coronavrus. This was said by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov to journalists, a reporter told Radio “Focus” – Burgas.

“Tomorrow I have invited Serbian President Vucic to see the Balkan Stream – the entire route is already underway, the Southern Gas Corridor – is also underway along the entire route – from Dimitrovgrad to Greece. In a day or two, Mitsotakis will come. The idea is to lure Serbs. , Greeks and Romanians “, added Boyko Borissov.

Asked whether there was a chance that the charter program would be restored after June 15, the prime minister said it was an issue that needed to be resolved en masse.

I really hoped the G7 would come together, but after Chancellor Merkel refused, so did Macron. Last time I found out that Trump had canceled the meeting. This is not a good sign. We handled the situation well. Some will say chaos, but you see – even in the epidemic we worked well enough and at least on the territory of Burgas, we did not delay, if you notice. This with the charters must become massive in order for tourism to develop, “the Prime Minister added.

As for whether there will be additional measures for the tourism industry, given the unknown date for the resumption of charter flights, the Prime Minister replied that these measures have always been commented on in two ways.

“You support one, the others come and start arguing. The salvation is for the world to get rid of the thought of coronavirus. It is no coincidence that I sent a plane with experts to investigate,” the prime minister added.


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