With songs, torches and fireworks, the fans celebrated the 106th birthday of “Levski”


With songs, torches and fireworks, dozens of Levski fans celebrated the club’s 106th birthday in front of Sector “A” at the “Georgi Asparuhov” stadium.

Exactly at midnight, the supporters of the “blues” lit torches, accompanied by a long fireworks display. They also sang songs in honor of their favorite team.

The night show, as well as tomorrow’s traditional gathering of “Mogilkata”, will probably be the only events for the fans, given the situation and the measures in the country.

For a week now, fans have been buying tickets for the club’s virtual 106th birthday.

Within days, they bought the entire capacity of the stadium, and the club began reselling the securities. By the time of the 106th birthday, the fans had bought 20,478 tickets, which brought the club BGN 271,596.

In recent months, the fans are the main sponsor of the club, having managed to generate over 2 million levs.

The management of Levski, for its part, has prepared a special surprise for the fans – today at 19:14 on the page of the “blues” on Facebook.

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