With more than 2 million infected and more than 173,130 dead, Europe is most affected


More than two million cases of the new coronavirus have been officially registered in Europe, according to estimates by AFP. Nearly two-thirds of the cases are in Russia, Britain, Spain, Italy and France, according to data obtained by official sources today at 16.00 GMT.

With at least 2,001,995 infected and 173,133 dead, Europe is the continent most affected by the pandemic.

A total of 5,244,616 cases of coronavirus have been registered in the world, and the number of deaths is 339,011.

The largest number of infected is registered in the United States – 1,547,973 people.

Russia is the European country with the highest number of cases (335,882 and 3,388 deaths). Since the beginning of May, nearly 10,000 new infected people have been registered there every day.

The other four European countries with more than 180,000 officially reported cases of coronavirus are the United Kingdom (257,154 cases and 36,675 deaths), Spain (234,824 cases and 28,628 deaths), Italy (229,327 cases and 32,735 deaths). ) and France (182 219 and 28 289).

This number of diagnosed cases reflects only a fraction of the actual number of infected, as many countries test only severe cases, the agency said.

The region of North and South America ranks first in the number of infected – 2,282,488. In one day, this number increased by 62,221. The number of deaths increased by 3,579 and reached 135,184.

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