Will there be a coaching cast? CSKA called Kruscic


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CSKA bosses summoned coach Milos Kruscic to a meeting today, Blitz writes. It is not clear what will be discussed at the meeting, but the future of the Bulgarian Army specialist is uncertain.

According to unconfirmed information, the “red” bosses will inform the Serbian coach that if he does not win the Bulgarian Cup, their paths will diverge. In case of failure in the tournament for the state trophy, Kruscic is out, and his place will be taken by Stamen Belchev.

Moreover, it is rumored that even if Milos lifts the Cup, his stay is not at all certain.

Gol.bg announced this more than a month ago, as CSKA has already agreed with Stamen Belchev, who will return to the “Army” after the end of the season.

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