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The number of cases of Covid in the world has crossed 50 lakhs. The death toll is three hundred and thirty thousand. Due to the rapid spread of the disease and the onset of symptoms, the number of infected people can go up. As a result, several countries around the world are working together to develop the vaccine against the novel coronavirus. Over 100 vaccines are currently in various stages of development.

Current status

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the need to develop an effective vaccine for human use, with seven to eight researchers. Experts and medical researchers are rapidly trying to find the vaccine. It must be remembered that it takes many years to actually develop a vaccine. However, the vaccine needs to go through several testing stages. It will take 12 to 18 months for this. Because a vaccine must be safe, each step must be completed. The status of various vaccines is known.

എൻ RNA based vaccine

US-based Moderna, a leading provider of vaccine development, has successfully completed the first phase of the Corona Virus Vaccine. Called RNA-based mRNA-1273, this vaccine is used as an alternative to standard vaccines.

mRNA vaccine carries the mRNA sequence. It produces viral proteins and directs the cells to make them. The body will then produce antibodies that resist the new virus. MODENA-developed mRNA 1273 is an mRNA strand containing the spark protein of SARS Cov 2.

The biotech company claims that eight of its experiments were successful in March, and that it had protective antibodies against the virus. The company is undergoing more and more experiments to see the benefits of the vaccine. It will launch in July.

∙ Oxford University Vaccine

The vaccine, developed by Oxford University, is a variant of the common cold virus virus adenovirus. It is this relatively weak species that causes infections in chimpanzees. They combined this with the genotype of the SARS Cov 2 spike protein. Its test was developed in three months and was successful in animals.

However, the chAdOxl nCov-19 vaccine is not sufficient to prevent infection in macaque rhesus monkeys, according to a recent report. This is partially effective because the vaccine can protect against viral pneumonia in animals. But that doesn’t stop the Covid19.

∙ Sinovac vaccine

Beijing-based Sinovac Biotech Ltd is preparing for the final phase of the vaccine, PiCoVacc. Experiments in animals with this vaccine have been successful in showing that antibodies can be produced. A study published in bioRxiv reports that the vaccine has been shown to be protective in experiments with monkeys.

∙ Pfizer and BioTech Vaccine

US-based Pfizer, in partnership with German pharmaceutical company BioEntec, is working on developing four RNA vaccines against the novel coronavirus. This vaccine is based on a specially designed messenger RNA. Its clinical trials have been completed in Germany.

The US vaccine BNT162 was administered to 360 health volunteers in doses at the beginning of July and is scheduled to be conducted in eight thousand locations across the US.

∙ Novavax vaccine

US-based Novavax is preparing to test its vaccine, NVX-cov 2373, in humans. The company received $ 388 million in financing from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation.

Experiments on Novavax vaccine animals have been successful. The company is planning to test 130 volunteers from Australia. This vaccine against Covid19 is made from the genetic sequence of SARS Cov 2.

∙ British Cigarette Company Vaccine

British American Tobacco Company, the world’s second largest cigarette maker, manufactures the vaccine against Covid 19. The vaccine is made from tobacco leaf protein. They claim it has been successful in preclinical trials. They are awaiting FDA approval to conduct Phase I clinical trials in humans.

∙ Inovio vaccine

Invio Pharmaceuticals is developing a DNA-based vaccine in their San Diego lab. The company claims that they were successful in the early stages and that protective antibodies were present in mice and guinea pigs. In April they began experimenting with humans. The INO-4800 vaccine was administered to 40 healthy people in two doses. It was given in four weeks. It is hoped that by the end of June the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine will be known.

ാവി Favipiravir: A medication for covid treatment

Indian pharmaceutical company Cytruds has decided to try the favipiravir drug as many companies around the world are trying to develop the vaccine. The drug is thought to cure Covid19. The company has received approval from the Drug Controller General of India for its clinical trial. In 2014, the drug was approved by Japan against influenza. According to research published in pubMdigov, the drug has been found to be effective against RNA viruses such as arenavirus, bunya viruses and filoviruses. Favipiravir is an effective drug against RNA viral infections that cannot be treated.

The effectiveness of the Favipiravir drug is being tested by Bengaluru-based Citrates Pharma and another Indian company, Glenmark. They will conduct three clinical trials.

∙ High Quality Vaccine: WHO in India

The World Health Organization commended India’s efforts to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic. Responding to a query, the WHO spokesperson said that India has the potential to make vaccines and the world is looking at India.

English Summary: Coronavirus Vaccine Current Update

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