Will not marry current boyfriend; Sanjana with shocking revelation to her fans! – i have boyfriend, i may or may not marry him; actress sanjjanaa galrani opens up about her relationship


Nikki Galrani and Sanjana Galrani are two sisters who have many fans in South India. Sanjana’s brother-in-law, Nicki Galrani, who is fluent in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, is well known to the Malayali audience. But Sanjana has acted in Malayalam too. Sanjana has acted in two Malayalam films. Sanjana has now revealed some news about her marriage.


Actress Sanjana is all set to get married this year. Sanjana confessed this in an interview. Sanjana has revealed that she has a boyfriend but is unable to say whether she will marry him.

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Marriage features


Sanjana also said that whatever decision I make, the support of my family will be there. The media and the fans have once again confronted Sanjana’s marriage. Sanjana has said that the marriage will only take place after the corona fears have changed.

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‘Mujse Shaadi Karoge’


Aiya Arya is a channel reality show titled ‘Finding Your Bride’. Sanjana was also attracted by the reality show ‘Mujse Shaadi Karoge’. Actor and model Paras Ibrak was present at the event. Sanjana had earlier said that she wanted to marry this actor.

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Full support for the family


Sanjana has said that the show is adventurous for her, Bigg Boss was seen last season and she likes Paras. You should get married anyway. Sanjana jokingly asked, “Why not now?” Sanjana had said that she would support her family too.

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