Will Jeff Bezos become the world’s first billionaire?


Millionaire, billionaire and soon also a billionaire? According to experts, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos may just become the first person to go through life as a billionaire.

Amazon web store, founded in 1994, continues to grow: first quarter sales were $ 78 billion. Unlike other more classic companies, Amazon is not much affected by the corona crisis. On the contrary, online purchases are logically on the rise.

According to consulting firm Comparisun, Amazon is growing at such a rapid rate – based on a five-year outlook, that founder Jeff Bezos can achieve “billionaire” status in 2026. He is the first to own 1,000,000,000,000 dollars, 1,000 billion dollars or a million times a million. Nobody achieved that status before.

Bezos’ personal assets, which hold 11% of all Amazon shares, are currently estimated by Bloomberg to be $ 143 billion. Part of it went to his wife on their divorce. Bezos’ wealth fluctuates considerably. In mid-April, at the height of the corona crisis, that private property was still worth $ 125 billion.

Amazon is waiting for a setback, the Wall Street Journal reported, as it should move its bargain feast Amazon Prime from July to September because of the corona virus.

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