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How quickly your clutch wears out depends a lot on how you handle it. So there are ways to extend the life of the clutch.

For example, it wears out faster if your car is often heavily loaded or if you regularly go out with a caravan or trailer. Normally your coupling will last 200,000 to 300,000 kilometers, but if you put too much load on it, this can decrease to tens of thousands of kilometers.

The most important thing to prevent rapid wear is not to keep your foot on the coupling for too long. Preferably you only press the coupling briefly if necessary. Touching or lightly pressing the pedal can already lead to wear.

It is also better to release the car at a traffic light or at other times when you are standing still and take your foot off the clutch. If you have to brake, do not do it on the engine, but with the foot brake and do not even rest your hand on the gear lever if it is not necessary. This allows the gearbox shift fork to press against the rotating parts. That also causes wear.

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