Why do men not see you? Seeking dolphins with gifts – LIFESTYLE – KAUTHUKAM


With the advent of Kovidi time, all the human beings became homes. At this point, there have been reports of some worried creatures other than humans. One of them is the dolphins that humans love so much. Dolphins often come to the shore from the deep sea to look for humans.

But as the Kovid spread, the men disappeared. The dolphins are searching for humans out of the deep sea. They come with handmade gifts for men. The incident happened in Australia. Visitors to the Barnacled Cafe Dolphin Feeding in Queen’s Island and Tin Can Bay often engage with dolphins. Now the dolphins have come to shore with seaweed and old pitchers. Those gifts were given to volunteers at the Feeding Center.

They arrived with gifts on the side of the dolphins ’prolonged mouth. In return they were given fish. Volunteers say that they were not trained to deliver these gifts, but were taught to do so by us. Anyway, this love of dolphins is the social media celebration.

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