Why Coronavirus Mortality Declines in India ?; 5 reasons to know – coronavirus deaths and covid-19 cases comparison with india and other countries


New Delhi: Restrictions, including lockdown, are on the rise in the number of Kovid sufferers in India. Despite the strong efforts, the number of people in the country has crossed one lakh. The rise in home and hospital observation and treatment is on the rise. Various studies suggest that the situation will worsen in June. However, India has been able to keep pace with rising death rates. India’s mortality rate is low compared to other countries where the number of infected persons exceeds one lakh. Studies show that there are several reasons for this.

The number of Covid sufferers in India

According to the latest figures released on Saturday, the number of cases of Kovid in the country has reached 125,101. 3,720 people have lost their lives so far. Maharashtra has the highest number of cases. Maharashtra recorded over 2000 cases in six consecutive days. Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Delhi are followed by the states. Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad have witnessed an increase in the number of Covid cases. Most of the Kovid cases reported in Gujarat are in Ahmedabad. The situation is similar in Tamil Nadu. The number of sufferers is rising in Chennai.

The rise of Kovid cases in the country


In the six days after May 10, the number of people infected with Kovid is on the rise. On an average, 3,829 cases were reported daily. It rose to 5,407 in the six days between May 16 and 21. According to the report, there is no immediate change in these averages. The increase in the number of sufferers in Maharashtra is a matter of concern.

Changes in the mortality rate, while increasing the number of cases


The death toll is still low, even as the number of Kovid sufferers continues to rise. India’s mortality rate is 3.01%. The number of casualties is low. There have been no reports of 200 deaths a day in India. More than 5,000 cases have been reported in the last four days, but no more than 150 deaths have been reported in a single day. It is noteworthy that the average death toll increased from 109 between May 10 and 15 to 138 between May 16 and 21. The death toll in the country has risen to 175 since May 4. Between May 16 and 21, the country’s mortality rate was 39.18. India has a lower mortality rate compared to other countries with more than one million Kovid patients.

Mortality in other countries


India ranks fourth after Russia, Turkey and Peru in terms of mortality. Some countries in Western Europe and the United States have higher rates of CVD. The situation in Brazil, Peru and Russia is also worsening. The US has the highest death rate. The UK average was 6.29 per cent, while in Italy it was 7.18 per cent. Between March 30 and April 4, the death rate in Germany was 37.27. Brazil (6.44%), the US (5.94%), Spain (9.97%), Italy (14.24%), the UK (14.36%) and France (15.52%).

Why mortality in India is declining


There are more than one lakh Kovid cases in the country but there are many causes of death. One of these is the months-long lockdown. Following the directives of the government and health workers, the results were excellent. The action of the people in the community was good. Reducing mortality has been helpful in providing medication correctly and speeding up treatment facilities.

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