Who is Rosalie Petrova – the mistress of the Cobra


23 May 2020, Saturday, 19:41

Author: Flagman.BGKubrat Pulev had a 4-year relationship with the broker

Rosalie Kostadinova Petrova. This is the name of Kubrat Pulev’s mistress, with whom the boxer cheated on Andrea for years.

A quick check of Show.bg in the Commercial Register showed that Rosalie has a company in her name – “Rodex Estates”, which deals with real estate. Rosie ran the company in partnership with Angel Kostadinov Yaramov, who later transferred his share to her.

We searched for her on social networks and came across a profile whose information coincides with that of Rosalie Petrova. Very cautiously, the girl in the profile in question has a single photo, which is most likely placed only for illustration and does not correspond to Rosalie’s real appearance.

Andrea was the first to reveal Kubrat Pulev’s relationship with Petrova. Late last night, the singer published a document for the sale of the name of the Cobras and Rosalie Petrova. At the end of last year, the two bought a floor of a house where they intended to live.

Pulev persuaded Rosalie to get married and have children, so he bought the property in question, Andrea revealed to her relatives. At the same time, Cobra begged the singer to get along and have children.

“It’s very interesting to me, while he lived in my house for 5 years and bought property with his mistress, did the girl’s father know, yes,” exploded Andrea under the post with the scandalous documents. Apparently, the singer is also trying to establish Rosalie’s identity, as she made an inquiry on Facebook about her company.

The war between Andrea and the Cobras started the day before, when the singer publicly revealed his numerous infidelities. The singer admitted that for a long time she was lied to by the boxer who wanted to get married and have children, and at the same time he told his lovers that she was ill and on heavy drugs.

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