White racists, Soros, Russia and far-left people accused of protesting in the United States


Until this morning, some sort of curfew had been imposed in about 25 US cities, with National Guard troops stationed in Minneapolis and the US capital, Washington, after days of violent protests and riots. Amid the chaos and uncertainty, voices on both sides of the political spectrum have come out with claims that the violence was fueled by conspiracies and organized by “professionals“, writes the” Jerusalem Post “.

Police truck gasses protesters in New York

After the protesters shot him with stones and other objects

Right-wing commentator Candice Owens and others blame George Soros and the “left anarchists” or left, activist, anti-fascist movement for being behind the violence. US President Donald Trump wrote that “this is ANTIFA and the radical left“.

He claims that 80% of those arrested are not from Minnesotato launch the thesis that those who commit violence have come to destroy local businesses. Those on the right who believe that antifa (shast) organizations are behind the violence say Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has previously published a photo with an antifa handbook. U.S. Attorney General William Barr also claims the protests were “planned, organized and led by anarchist and left-wing extremist groupsusing antifa – like tactics “.

In the meantime within the American left (Democratic Party) formed a different story, which accuses Russians and white racists for violence. The mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota, Melvin Carter, said yesterday that all those arrested on Friday were out of state.

Police in Minneapolis used tear gas on protesters

Police in Minneapolis used tear gas on protesters

The President of the United States with a position on New York

Minnesota Gov. Tim Waltz reiterated this claim, insisting that 80 percent were not from the state. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, whose city police force sparked the protests after a police officer strangled a black man to death, said the protests were “internal terrorismThe governor and the mayor appear to have coordinated their account, blaming white racist organizations and “ideological extremists” for the violence.

Last week, the mayor of Minneapolis accused drug cartels for the violence and then blamed white racists. He said that agitators have infiltrated the protests. “We are now facing white racists, members of organized crime, instigators outside the state and even foreign actors destroying and destabilizing our city and our region,” he said. It turned out that current data from the arrests show that many of the detainees are from Minnesota.

Evening hour in a number of American cities because of the protests

Evening hour in a number of American cities because of the protests

Measures of the authorities

Many commentators claim that Russia is behind the protests. University of Michigan law professor and legal analyst Barb McQuaid posted on Twitter a link to an article in the New York Times about Russia’s interference in the US election, noting that “intelligence reports say that Russia is trying to wreak havoc on the United States before the election. Mission accomplished“.

Asha Rangapa, a senior lecturer at the Jackson Institute at Yale University and a CNN commentator, wrote on Twitter that “it is no exaggeration to say that there may be foreign links to coordinated violent activity in the United StatesShe responded to a post on a social network mentioning the Minnesota governor ‘s claim that the U.S. military provided intelligence support and monitored communications from the National Security Agency.

They throw 1,700 members of the US National Guard against protesters in Minneapolis

They throw 1,700 members of the US National Guard against protesters in Minneapolis

About 50 arrested during the riots in Minneapolis

The claim that everyone – from drug cartels to white racists, George Soros and the Russians – is behind the violent protests in the United States reveals the phenomenon of blaming certain plots on complex conspiracies and claims that the protests were “organized” – without any evidence. that some “Russians,” white racists, or organized crime figures have been identified and arrested for their involvement. Joy Reed, a TV presenter, noted that a video showing a white man with a gas mask and umbrella smashing windows may be related to Keith Ellison’s allegations that the violence was organized. Journalist Lara Logan also wrote on Twitter that there were “professional agitators.”

Trump is threatening to use the military to stop the protests

Trump is threatening to use the military to stop the protests

Tensions in the United States

Video footage of the protests showing police arresting journalists, shooting plastic bullets at people on their porches and crashing into police cars in groups of protesters, do not show that the riots are organized. In Seattle, where protesters burned police cars, a man snatched an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle from one of the cars, only to be returned by someone who appeared to be a law enforcement officer or subcontractor for military orders.

The man who grabbed the rifle does not appear to have been a professional who was trained to use the weapon. In the capital, Washington, the robbery of several hardware stores began after crowds were scattered with tear gas and rubber bullets.

None of the conspiracy theories that were launched about the protests explained how the alleged organizers knew how to wait until a police officer killed a black man in Minneapolis to carry out his plan.

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